June 2012

The artist and lecturer Wu Xiaohai has sketched a special series of “Indoor Movements” to show his vision of sports and China.

 mirrors all kinds of “movements” in our lives and the strength they generate, as well as their many influences on us, society and the environment. In basic terms, sports take place in various venues either indoors or outdoors. Here, what the artist means by “indoor sports” actually take place in our brain. Some are exercises of the limbs coordinated by the brain, some are automatic movements of legs, and some are movements of just lips and tongue.

The Indoor Movements series is also a play on words, which mirrors the many movements in our lives, and the influence of these movements on our culture with the artist’s drawings specifically attempting to create a film montage effect. His work has been shown in many different countries and his animation video Mama, I Feel Sick, which was purchased by the French government for the national art collection, will be shown as part of the exhibition.

Wu Xiaohai, also a lecturer at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China, will be making a personal appearance at the festival, with an artist’s talk on the “Indoor Movements” series being held at Frameless Gallery in the evening on Monday 25th June 2012.

Wu Xiaohai’s exhibition Indoor Movements is part of 2012 Chinese Visual Festival exploring the Olympics and China through 17 selected documentary films, the Indoor Movements exhibition.