• Kenichi Shimizu, Untitled, steel, 80 x 20 x 20cm, 2012


Group exhibition
July 2012


Billy Tang
Hanqiu Xiao
Hiram Wong
Ilsu Hwang
Jay Hyung Kim
Kenichi Shimizu
Mu Tian
Wai Wong
Wen Wu

Presenting a framework with two scenarios, the works in the exhibition float between a show and a narrative of worlds experienced by the artists. Shifting away from a consolidated private view and display format, the curatorial project aims to recast the focus back towards the practice of each artist, offering an additional second glance through a re-configuration of the first installation. The ‘exhibition’ charts the discourses activated by a group of young artists from Asia. Lights in the Dusk consists of work ranging from poetic descriptions of the quotidian; the mixing and conflation of an historical art canon; a sensory deconstruction of portraiture; through to a play between disappearance and presence within an urban space.

As the title suggests, rather than two detached exhibitions, the scenario opens an intermediary space between two similar but different frequencies of art-viewing.

The second show will follow and respond to the first, thereby deepening the interplay of gestures and media employed by the artists. Participating in Lights in the Dusk is a collection of artists working in a number of different capacities brought together to share new ideas responding to a profoundly complex and current relationship between the East and the West. Each artist has presented individual readings into this complexity. With the exhibition unfolding in an episodic fashion, the space of possibility is left open for more differences to emerge.