Liza Aminova : Conversation with self

November 2017

Frameless Gallery presents Conversation with Self, the debut show by Liza Aminova. The exhibition is an enquiry into the self, bringing together defining experiences through polaroids, sculpture, video and installation.

Aminova builds on those moments that make one feel connected, grounded, celebrated and nourished. Unexpected, uncalled-for events are remembered for what it has come to be – an opportunity to grow. Aminova insists on this positive outlook, to capture the energy that makes you rise. She strives for this symbolic common ground.

Aminova is young and her artistic process is evolving; yet she speaks with conviction and assertiveness that is an intriguing and transformative stance. Her Russian and Jewish heritages are imperative but she puts these markers aside and looks to connect through universal human desires, while straddling uncertainty and vulnerability.

The Polaroid installation delivers the essence of Aminova’s practice. The photographs capture abstracts, extracts from events that were special and become a tactile reminder of that time. It is a medium she uses selectively and consciously, only to capture the energy they feed. An attempt to remember, hold close and look closer.

The installation, video and sculptures continue to explore the inner realms with physical facets. The materials are carefully chosen to lend itself to the discourse. The mirrors, marble, soil and fresh flowers that you encounter are there for its metaphysical qualities and become triggers to reflect, absorb, and connect with oneself.

This leads to where Aminova sees her work moving on. Exploring the domestic space, interiors and architectural elements, to continue her enquiry into the psyche. Aminova ‘s practice celebrates personal growth and seeks in engaging the audience in her narrative, revealing the little tools, deviations that come our way to ‘be’ as desired. Reflecting, capturing, growing, editing a personal dialogue. Indeed, a work in progress. Not unlike the self.