February – March 2014


Stanislav Diviš

Jiří David

Antonín Střížek

Petr Nikl

Jiří Surůvka

Tomáš Císařovský

Petr Písařík

Karel Štědrý

Conceived specially for Frameless Gallery by Richard Drury in collaboration with Galerie 1Patro, Lone Rangers presents the work of 8 Czech artists who have been at the forefront of recent developments in Czech culture.

The key focus is the generation that emerged in the 1980s, a time when the international phenomenon of Postmodernism was radically changing perceptions about the way art is created and interpreted. The search of the young artists to define oneʼs identity and the expression of critical views of societyʼs ritualistic and repressive ʻnormsʼ that characterise the spirit of Postmodernism took on even sharper meaning in the reality of late-Communist Czechoslovakia.

Conjuring the image of a paradoxical posse of solitary figures, the title of the show, Lone Rangers, can be interpreted as a reference to the reflective, occasionally romantic and often self-ironic way these artists have found ways of engaging directly with the society they live in.

This exhibition ties in with the launch of the book Pictures of Czech Postmodernism by Jiří Přibáň, Professor of Law at Cardiff University.