June 2018

Mirela Moscu is a true painters painter. She makes repetitive drawings and gouaches on the same subject, from memory: figures on the bank of a river, figures sleeping in nature, woods, forests, dreamy landscapes. These become starting points for her paintings. Vegetal elements such as leaves, flowers and other plants start to emerge, firstly as a pretext for gestural painting, later developed into a repetitive element that establishes the mood in most of her works.

Human figures also appear – usually a boy, perhaps a symbol of innocence – overlapped with other human and feline ”traces” such as a skull shape or a single eye inconspicuously placed on an aloe plant.  Moscu’s colour palette is mostly cold, moody green blues, pale sunrise dreamy colours often conveying a mysterious other worldly aura to her works. The narrative lies somewhere between the fairy-tale and the cinematic, never too far away from traditional painting yet with a very individual voice.