Exhibition curated by Mary George

October – November 2012

Part of Photomonth 2012 Pulse of a sequence is a visual study of time by Victoria Kovalenko. She documents the subtle sequence of breath, the choreographed sequence of dance and the instinctive sequence of play. Using repetition, Victoria creates a continuous fabric of unbroken reality.

The repetition asserts itself on the viewer, determined to be noticed, determined to be followed. In this consistency, in this assertiveness, there is a narrative. It is a story of change. A story of simple moments that reassure everything can just ‘be’.

Through sequences, the cold abstract is nurtured to have a sun-kissed warmth. The surreal fluidity of the photographs further imprints the awareness of time and change on the viewer. Through layers and visual similarity, Victoria subtly introduces the new.

Pulse of a sequence is a visual reminder of change. In the narrative, there is a pulsating prayer, To capture the core, To tame the energy of uncertainty into ‘Absolute Unbroken Continuity.’ 

Mary George