October 2017

Frameless Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Colombian artist Alejandro Ospina. Entitled Supergirl the exhibition features a new series of large-scale paintings created this year. Following on from the Dig and Airstrikes series, Ospina continues his exploration in image appropriation, over-saturation / bombardment with information and layering, pushing the boundaries of what our senses can cope with in the age of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and the constant streaming of advertising and “noise” (visual and otherwise) that one experiences daily.

Ospina uses Photoshop algorithmic filters to deconstruct and reconstruct found / un-appropriated imagery from the internet with snippets of other artist’s incomplete works and easily recognizable motifs. Painted in layers over layers a new abstraction takes shape. The artist is interested in exploring the role of a contemporary painter in today’s society, using the language and skills of traditional painting. Similar to the Old Masters hiding in their work symbols and meaning associated with status, politics, religion or mythology (think Holbein, Da Vinci, Poussin, Bosch) Ospina embeds contemporary – sometimes apocalyptic – imagery in his work together with architectural blueprints, tracings of a drawing reduced to pixelated jagged geometric shapes. This combination of subjects and sources produces a poetry of complex layers which mimic the digital world within an analogue setting and medium.